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Click here for the materials from the 4th Annual Innovations Summit on Integrated Care: Clinical and Community Collaboration to Achieve Collective Impact.


The foundational tools in this Tool Kit facilitate culture change over the long term


Mental Health, Primary Care And Substance Use Interagency Collaboration Tool Kit


A Guide to Meaningful Roles for Peer Providers in Integrated Healthcare


The mission of Integrated Behavioral Health Partners (IBHP) is to advance and spread integrated behavioral health care in California and nationally through capacity building, training, and technical assistance. We believe we will achieve our mission and improve the health of communities through partnership and collaboration across the safety net health care sectors.

Let us fit the pieces together.

We at IBHP created this virtual library as a resource for those contemplating, planning, or operating treatment programs that integrate behavioral and medical services — so clients don’t have to go to one place for help with their body and another for their mind.

We hope you’ll find the rationales, evidence-based practices and tools you’ll need to set up a successfully integrated program. We’ve also included a snapshot of policies and practices throughout the country to give you a feel for the national landscape.

Launched in 2006 with funding from The California Endowment, IBHP aims to accelerate the integration of behavioral health services within primary care and community clinics throughout California. Starting in 2011, with funding from the California Mental Health Services Authority Stigma and Discrimination Reduction Initiative, IBHP began targeting counties across California and promoting bi-directional integration, which includes providing primary care in behavioral health settings.

Graphic Recordings from LAPTN Learning Session #1

During the February 17 Learning Session, we had the privilege to have the presentations and ensuing discussion captured by graphic recorder Wyn Wilson. Below, we have gathered the images Wyn created. Clicking an image should take you to a larger version of it, and you...

Introducing: The Client Experience Toolkit!

We are excited to launch a new toolkit, with a great compilation of resources to help improve the client experience! Click here to see more. Given the highly personal nature of health care and its supreme importance in all of our lives, one might expect to find that...

Peer Provider Tool Kit Launched

Meaningful Roles for Peer Providers in Integrated Healthcare, 2014, is a guide developed by the California Association of Social Rehabilitation Agencies with support of IBHP, this website's host.  The guide provides information, tips and examples of how integrated...

Medi-Cal Changes Specific Reimbursements

(from Medscape): Starting in January 2015, physicians and other healthcare providers can start receiving a separate fee for chronic care management for seniors with multiple conditions delivered outside regular office visits, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid...

Primary And Behavioral Health Grantees Show Positive Results

A 2013 Rand evaluation of SAMHSA's Primary and Behavioral Health Integration (BPHCI) grants program, designed to improve the physical health status of people with serious mental illness, showed improvement in some but not all health indicators.  California's ten...

IBHP Resource Documents For The Field

Substance Abuse and Primary Care Services To better understand the range of substance abuse services offered by experienced community clinics and health centers, the IBHP team reviewed statewide data, conducted a written survey of the highest volume health center...

IBHP is a project of Community Partners, a nonprofit charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.CP-Logo