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Satisfaction Measures

For Clients

We at IBHP have developed a Client Satisfaction Survey  for use at primary care clinics for whom we’ve awarded demonstration grants. Behavioral health clients are asked to respond, on a five-point scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”, to various statements about their care. To assess their subjective feelings about treatment-related stigma, statements such as “I am comfortable receiving behavioral services here at this clinic” and “I am treated the same as other people at this clinic” were included. (For more about the effects of stigma on seeking treatment, go to Effects of Stigma.)  To evaluate levels of cultural competency  from the clients’ perspective, statements such as “Treatment and information were provided to me in a language or way I could easily understand” were also incorporated.

Other client satisfaction surveys, as well as numerous outcome forms and information, are found in the virtual library maintained on the Mental Health Statistic Improvement Program (MHSIP).

Synopses of research involving primary care client satisfaction can be found in the Client Satisfaction Section. 

For Providers

Considering that in integrated programs behavioral counselors work under the aegis of the primary care providers, it is important that the latter are comfortable with services rendered, communication flow and treatment outcomes. The Provider Satisfaction Survey developed by IBHP, is constructed to be completed via the Internet. Providers are asked to assess access to and quality of behavioral services as well as to rate their own effectiveness in dealing with behavioral health populations. Kirk Strosahl has also created a Medical Provider Satisfaction Survey dealing specifically with the behavioral consultation program.  IBHP also designed a satisfaction survey tailored to behavioral consultants which was used in the Demonstration Phase of its grant-making.