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Welcome to the Behavioral Health Data Sharing Toolkit!


There are many steps to take in order to build secure and efficient data sharing practices. Learning from efforts underway is one sure way to avoid mistakes as well as avoid wasting time and resources on “reinventing the wheel”. This section shares some templates and examples of forms that have been developed by others working in integrated care as well as from practices that are working cross system at coordinating care of patients. It’s our hope that these tools will be helpful to your efforts to tackle the challenges and barriers around data sharing.

It has been said that “data travels at the speed of trust”. It is helpful to recognize that often, what must come before the development of any template or form, is the trust and collaborative relationships among those who will be involved in and accountable for the care. An important step in building that trust is being transparent in your discussions with others about the level of information that will be shared, with whom and by whom. And, equally important is the engagement of patients and family members as valuable partners in developing treatment goals including those that might require data sharing. Engaging the consumer/patient when appropriate, is often the most direct and easiest way to create a seamless system of care that can provide for their needs and preferences.

Templates to Get Started With

The images below offer previews of the associated files. If you would like to download the file, please click the link beneath the image.

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