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We are excited to launch a new toolkit, with a great compilation of resources to help improve the client experience!

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Given the highly personal nature of health care and its supreme importance in all of our lives, one might expect to find that these interactions would focus, at their center, on human connections.

In fact, research tells us the opposite is often true, that in this most intensely human of encounters, patients often experience a marked lack of connection. While other industries have long understood the value of skilled, kind interactions, healthcare has been slow to acknowledge the importance of focusing on the human experience of patients.

Enhancing patients’ health care experience means more than just providing excellent clinical care.  It requires care that addresses every aspect of the patients’ encounter at the clinic – their physical comfort, their understanding of what’s happening and their emotional needs.  Putting the patient first benefits not only the patients, but the clinics treating them as well.  As more treatment options become available to patients, they may make choices based not only on clinical outcomes, but also on whether their provider delivers compassionate patient-centered care.

The foundational tools gathered here are intended to facilitate culture change over the long term. While they may not produce an immediate result, by serving as the building blocks for a culture that prioritizes empathy, they allow organizations to achieve lasting long-term improvements.

The tools are organized around the following concepts:

  • The Importance of The Patient Experience
  • Hiring Matters
  • Communication Matters
  • Patient Dissatisfaction
  • Referrals, Handoffs and Good-byes
  • Assessing Patient Experience