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Substance Abuse and Primary Care Services
To better understand the range of substance abuse services offered by experienced community clinics and health centers, the IBHP team reviewed statewide data, conducted a written survey of the highest volume health center substance abuse providers and visited five of the health centers, interviewing substance abuse directors and staff.  The following papers provide the case study highlights:

Behavioral Health Leadership 

Behavioral Health at the Crossroads: Leading for the Future (by Gail Bataille, 2015) explores the future of behavioral health in the next ten years and offers a framework for cross-system leadership.

Integrated Care Issue Briefs
The Integrated Behavioral Health Project (IBHP) team conducted a statewide needs assessment of integrated behavioral health and primary care trainings and activities in California, including interviews with over 150 key informants.  The interviewees’ information and insights, as well as additional research conducted by the IBHP team, resulted in the following issue briefs:

Other IBHP briefs: